The Stellethee University

The Stellethee University Campus is located in Historic Epharta, Pennsylvania (PA), a Digital Paper Town nearby to Ephrata, Pennsylvania. It is part of an alternate reality timeline for a game.

Super Quick Introductory Reading


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PDF page 1 of 42 online.

This PDF file was a joke about the "accidental" sign for Ephrata, PA that cost the state $1200 because it was not spelled correctly. The secret town of E-phart-a, PA made a great location for a secret university!

Enjoy the Official Long Reading - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Check out Mount Gretna! - A cozy town that is an occasional hideout for graduate students!

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Try To Guess The Undercover Gaming Training from Sierra Online that is closest to the "preventTheTrace" alternate reality game!

Places To Visit Near Stellethee University your Trip on your Self-Guided Tour!

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History of the University

Longer version of this page from crazy May 2021. **Stellethee U does not issue degrees, only merch.