The Stellethee University


The Stellethee University Campus is located in Historic Epharta, Pennsylvania (PA), a Digital Paper Town nearby to Ephrata, Pennsylvania. It is part of an alternate reality timeline for a game.

University is pronounced Stealthy.  Bob's surname is called Ph.D. aka Dr. Bob.

We decided to spend funds on getting Bob business cards this year, instead of pamphlets, so if you haven't yet, make a quick visit to You can get the basic facts and fiction there. This game will be easiest to play with SwagBucks Search. DuckDuckGo is the next best bet.

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Super Quick Introductory Reading

Reverse "Tuition" - Stellethee U Might Help -YOU- /// This ARG Might Help You Earn Gift Cards or PayPal Cash. Really.

Please read the introduction
PDF page 1 of 42 online.

This PDF file was a joke about the "accidental" sign for Ephrata, PA that cost The Commonwealth $1200 because it was not spelled correctly. The secret town of E-phart-a, PA made a great location for a secret university!

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Check out Mount Gretna! - A cozy town that is an occasional hideout for graduate students!

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Try To Guess The Undercover Gaming Training from Sierra Online that is closest to the "PreventTheTrace" alternate reality game!

Places To Visit Near Stellethee University your Trip on your Self-Guided Tour!

Making Academics and Studying Easier


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graphic of 988 lifeline

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History of the University

Stellethee U does not issue degrees, only (sells) merchandise.

...and this is an unofficial lancaster area tourism game. No hard feelings intended. Avoid road apples.

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