AllAdvantage and Infomediary Man - The Biggest Success

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I was an A-- level affiliate, which means I had a lot of help under me. I'm talking almost 4,000 referrals. But the awesome thing was, we had a Delphi Forum, where we got to hang out and just chill with this awesome guy named Sam. That was the most fun I've ever had in my life. The money just make it more fun.

All the details of the official history are at Wikipedia. There are some fun things you probably don't know.

  1. The company loved to comp affiliates because they felt we were awesome. I wore my comp AllAdvantage baseball cap for years, and I still have a bunch of sticky pad notes left. I felt cared about there and the team support was incredible.
  2. They ran a magazine ad introducing the whole concept to the world. It's literally one of the best designed magazine ads ever created, IMHO.
    AllAdvantage dot com Magazine Advertisement
  3. Paper checks were too slow, or could be lost. The company attempted to address this within 12 months, and I worked with them to verify their E-COUNT card would work in the real world. It did, and as far as I know, it pre-dated Green Dot Financial. Granted, it was a "rewards-only" card. You got your reward money on debit. Green Dot had the incredible idea of Direct Deposit, Cash Reloads, and Rewards all on one card. Green Dot is amazing, and back in 1999, we all just wanted to make really amazing products. The Green Dot product line is literally my favorite, I'm not even sure if they pay me to say that. So they pay me to say that? lol.
  4. alladvantage dot com e-count mastercard

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